Our vision (英语)

European Master Pianos has a commitment to its customers to provide them with a beautiful piano that they will value and enjoy. We aim to build a loyal customer base and grow our market share with an emphasis on providing the highest quality product and service culture. The company’s strategic aim is to drive growth through focusing on the expanding Chinese market.

European Master Pianos has five strategic priorities:

1. Target higher-value, higher volume markets in China.

European Master Pianos focus is on the higher value Chinese market, which is currently under served for provision of high quality pianos at prices affordable for the middle-class consumer

2. Premium pianos

We do not deal in mass-produced, mass-market pianos, new pianos or pianos manufactured outside Europe. Our niche is in just a few European brands: primarily Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner and Bösendorfer. We only sell pianos that have been renovated to the highest standard by specialist master craftsmen in London

3. Balanced sales

The company aims to achieve a balance of direct-to- consumer sales through e-commerce and partnering with existing distribution channels and through partnering with existing distribution channels in tier 1 Chinese cities. We also aim to provide a channel for other trusted piano dealers who want to sell directly to Chinese customers via our distribution channels, providing the pianos meet our quality standards and criteria

4. Provide an outstanding before and after-sales service

The company’s customer service culture aims to maximise the customer experience with full information on the piano brand and the provenance of each individual piano. Through excellent after-sales support, including a full guarantee, we intend to build a loyal and trusting customer base with customer reviews and recommendations

5. Positioned for market growth

As the Chinese market for luxury goods expands, we aim to be ready for continued organic growth. As our sales increase, we aim to increase volumes and expand with our own showrooms and a London workshop