Steinway and Sons 1915 Model K ‘Vertegrand’

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The Steinway Vertegrand, also known as the Model K, is an upright piano made by Steinway & Sons and is the oldest essentially unchanged upright piano design still currently in mass production. It was designed by Steinway director Henry Ziegler and introduced in 1903.

A 1910 advert in the New-York Tribune described the piano as “the embodiment of scientific research and musical progress of the Twentieth Century.” Gustav Mahler said that he “never imagined that an upright piano could be constructed which would satisfy a musician’s requirements in every respect.”

A Steinway Vertegrand in Abbey Road recording studio was used by The Beatles in the recording of songs such as Lady Madonna and Penny Lane and in the introduction to With a Little Help from My Friends.

This Steinway Vertegrand, serial number 167698 was manufactured in 1915. The case is made of rare (and now protected) Rosewood. It has the rich bell-like tone characteristic of a Steinway. The hammers, action and strings are in an excellent state of repair, but the case does need some re-polishing. The piano was previously owned by the Jazz musician Bernie Fenton.