C. Bechstein Model A (Black)

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Year of manufacture: 1924, Serial number 52272

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Interview about the piano (in Chinese)

[拍客]青年钢琴家孙竹对贝希斯坦Bechstein A型黑色钢琴的评价及访谈

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This piano has its original casework and soundboard

It has been fully renovated in 2016, including:

  • Capstan adjustment
  • Graphite liquid applied in jacks
  • Levers and shanks aligned
  • Full re-stringing using original strings imported from Germany
  • Tuning pins, bass / treble strings and felts replaced
  • Wrest plank, bridges and soundboard have also been reconditioned
  • The key tops have been replaced with white ivorelle
  • Tuned to concert pitch