Steinway (英语)

Rachmaninoff_playing_Steinway_grand_pianoSteinway & Sons was founded in 1853 in New York City by Heinrich Elgelhard Steinweg, a German immigrant who later changed his name to Henry E. Steinway. Steinway is the best known piano brand and its pianos are renowned as being of exceptionally high quality. In 1903 Steinway’s 100,00th piano was given to the White House, which was replaced in 1938 by Steinway’s 300,00th piano.

Due to unique and innovative manufacturing processes using components of the highest quality, Steinway quickly rose to dominate the piano market. Alongside their factory in New York, another was opened in Hamburg in Germany in 1880.

Many distinguished pianists have played Steinways, from Sergei Rachmaninoff (pictured) to George Gershwin and contemporary Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang. These artists and many others have contributed to form Steinway’s reputation as being synonymous with quality.

Steinway have constantly been at the forefront of creating new techniques in piano-making, and have over 126 patents for their original design features. Steinway pianos have a combination of sonic and aesthetic beauty and are featured in some of the most prolific concert halls around the world. Some of Steinway’s ‘art case’ pianos, designed exclusively by artists, are featured in art galleries due to their exceptional beauty.