Bosendorfer (英语)

Bosendorfer is one of the oldest and most revered piano manufacturers, having been established by Ignaz Bosendorfer in Austria in 1828. Only two years after the company was founded it was granted the status of official piano-maker for the Emperor of Austria. Due to the unique tonal quality of Bosendorfer pianos and the company’s rich history, Bosendorfer have firmly established their prestigious reputation as one of the finest piano manufacturers.

Characterised by their dark, rich sound, Bosendorfer pianos are unlike any other. As Bosendorfer grand pianos are built with 9 additional bass notes below the bottom A, these strings resonate when the others are played, contributing to the deep tonal body of the instrument. Due to these powerful bass keys, the Bosendorfer piano possesses an unparalleled dynamic range. Many pianists and composers have used Bosendorfer pianos, such as Franz Liszt, Leonard Bernstein, Nina Simone and Igor Stravinsky.