Investing in a Piano (英语)


A brand new piano, like a brand new car, is a terrible investment. New pianos, either mass producedor the more luxury end of the market, inevitably lose a great deal of their value as soon as they leave the showroom. However, the right vintage piano, like a vintage car, will hold its purchase price and its value should grow over the years. The key is to purchase a high-quality brand. These pianos will have been hand made when the art of piano manufacture was at its height. The most widely-known brands are Steinway (of course), Bechstein, Blüthner and Bösendorfer. There are a few other brands that are less well known, but equally good, such as Grotrian-Steinweg and the modern Italian piano-maker Fazioli.

As well as the brand, the quality of the restoration is also key to the piano as an investment. Older pianos, no matter how treasured they have been, will still need expensive restoration to bring them back to life. That restoration has to be of the highest quality, using genuine parts from the original manufacturer, or the piano will never regain its magic, or maintain its value. At European Master Pianos we specialise only in restored vintage pianos from European brands that are both good value to purchase and will hold that value on re-sale. On the other hand, that piano will be your grandchildren’s prized heirloom. Why would you ever want to sell it?