About us (英语)

European Master Pianos specialises in vintage, high-quality pianos at affordable prices.


We are passionate about pianos and only trade in the finest piano brands in the world: Steinway, Bechstein, Bosendorfer and Bluthner. These piano makers are the pinnacle of the art of piano manufacture and each piano they make is a masterpiece.

Vintage pianos were built at a time when piano-making expertise was at its peak. These pianos have their own musical character and history. Every vintage piano is one of a kind, a unique and incomparable work of art.

All of our pianos have been carefully and sympathetically restored by a master piano craftsman in London. We try to preserve the individuality of our pianos and aim to provide a pleasing touch and tone for each instrument. We only use authentic replacement parts from European manufacturers.

Our pianos are suitable for pianists at every level, from young learners, to conservatoire students and professional musicians.

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